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Foes Racing USA

As the New Zealand exclusive dealership for Foes Racing, we are extremely proud of our long association with the brand and Brent Foes the creator. All the frames are handmade made in Pasedena California.

Foes are essentially hand made to order. It's very much a bespoke brand of the highest quality with a user base of long term riders who keep coming back. And back...

As such we hold no large stock of frames but upon order the guys at the factory pretty much start welding immediately. Please contact us for further info on lead times for your customer or to place an order for a frame.

Please note Foes come as frame only and you will need to offer a build option to your customers. Although Curnutt shocks are still available, all New Foes frames come with Fox specified rear shocks. Click each image below for full details from the Foes racing website.

Foes Hydro H2 Foes Mutz Link Foes FXC 275 link
Hydro H2 Mutz FXC 275
Foes F275 link Foes Shaver 29 link Foes FXR 275
F275 Shaver 29 FXR 275

We stock a full set of Foes Hangers. Please call for our full inventory.


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